Multimedia Solutions di Maurizio Costa

Via Guicciardini Francesco 10, 20129 Milano Mi - p.iva  09446720964 c.f.CSTMRZ75B08A145K

      Client:        Albea - Studio Heiko



  1. Time Lapse recording during 4 months factory construction

  2. Scheduled multi point cameras with self wake-up and turn-off

  3. Auto upload to Google servers with self erasing uploaded images, 38k images uploaded

  4. Independent Wi-Fi/3G internet

  5. On-line images gallery with latest images

  6. Low maintenance, no computer

  7. Key features filming during factory production



  1. Sony, Canon, GoPro cameras

  2. Wi-Fi SD cards with custom firmware

  3. Sliders, motorized heads, automatic timers, 3G-Wi-Fi modems, 7 meters tripods

  4. Adobe Bridge, Photoshop, After Effects, Premiere, LRTimelapse, Blender  software