Multimedia Solutions di Maurizio Costa

Via Guicciardini Francesco 10, 20129 Milano Mi - p.iva  09446720964 c.f.CSTMRZ75B08A145K

      Client:        Self publishing



  1. Publish an interactive book about Focus Stacking photo technique

  2. Available on Apple’s iBooks Store / iTunes

  3. 20+ different ways to shoot with Focus Stacking technique

  4. 4 major software’s review

  5. Teoric explanations

  6. Wide use of multimedia content

  7. iPad/ Mac OS X compatible



  1. Still life pictures shot with Focus Stacking technique

  2. Schematic drawings for explanations

  3. 3D content, interactive with touch

  4. Video tutorials

  5. iBooks Authoring Studio, Photoshop, Blender, Illustrator