Multimedia Solutions di Maurizio Costa

Via Guicciardini Francesco 10, 20129 Milano Mi - p.iva  09446720964 c.f.CSTMRZ75B08A145K

      Client:        Core business



  1. Provide fresh 360° solutions for clients

  2. Deep use of Head Mounted Displays

  3. 360° video recording, editing and publishing

  4. Virtual Tours for Head Mounted Displays



  1. Head Mounted Displays: Google Cardboard, generic HMD, Samsung VR

  2. Software:Adobe Muse, After Effects, Photoshop, Audition, SkyBox, PtGui, Blender,  Pano2Vr, PanoTour, HTML5, JAVA, Nuke, PhotoScan

Please use Google Chrome or YouTube App